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Underscoring The Importance of Workplace Wellness

Now more than ever, employers must focus on implementing workplace wellness and save themselves millions of dollars in health care expenses. Workplace wellness is defined as an organized, employer-sponsored program designed for supporting employees in order to reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness, and in the process benefit a company’s bottom line. The website of WorkSTEPS reveals that implementing wellness programs help encourage and facilitate healthier lifestyles among its employees.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic diseases represent 75 percent of total healthcare costs. These types of diseases are also the most preventable kinds of diseases. Having a workplace wellness program is one of the major steps companies can take in preventing diseases. While many Americans are starting to become health conscious, employees are not able to act on wellness goals because their workplace schedule just does not permit them.

With healthcare costs on the rise, employers will take the brunt of the claims and expenses of employees. Corporate wellness should be a major priority for employers and it requires a long term commitment. It is worth noting that for a program to be successful, it should have the support of management. The key to its success is integration into the corporate culture. It should be part of their short and long term goals.

Recent studies have revealed that companies that implement wellness programs have experienced a 28% reduction in sick leaves and 26% decrease in medical costs. Likewise wellness programs have contributed to a 19% reduction in absenteeism resulting to a $264 savings per employee per year. Furthermore, workplace wellness resulted to 70% fewer sick days for the employees who are involved in wellness programs compared to those who opted out of the program.

Lastly, the success of a wellness program lies on both employer and employee sharing the common vision of having a healthy workplace.

Truck Accidents – The Stats and The Causes of Crashes

Statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) revealed that there has been a 20% increase in trucking accidents in the last two decades. This makes trucks a potential threat to the health and safety of people across the United States. Furthermore, a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that 317,000 large trucks were involved in traffic crashes which led to 104,000 injuries and 3,921 fatalities. Truck accidents tend to be more fatal than car accidents given its sheer size. Trucks are 20 times the size and weight of other vehicles.

Truck accidents are caused by a variety of factors. As these crashes can bring about huge damage, it is important for the drivers to have an awareness of the dangers posed by their large vehicles. Likewise, other drivers should proceed with caution when driving in the company of trucks. Here are some of the most common causes of truck accidents:

Accidents caused by other drivers may include the following:

Driving in the “No-Zones” where the truck driver has limited or zero visibility. According to the website of the Chicago personal injury attorneys of Karlin, Fleisher, & Falkenberg, LLC, truckers are trained how to keep track of their vehicle’s blindspots. So truck drivers can be held liable for a vehicle in their blind spot.

Improper merging into traffic resulting to a truck maneuvering or braking quickly
Passing with insufficient headway
Driving between large trucks

Accidents caused by commercial truck drivers

Given the size of trucks, drivers need to be skilled and patient for the most part. Some characteristics of truck drivers can also contribute to accidents and they include:

Insufficient training as to driving technique, safety concerns, and defensive driving
Ability to compensate that allows delivery of faster vehicle speeds and extended hours of consecutive vehicle driving than what is normally expected
Unrealistic schedules and expectations forcing drivers to hurry up which might compromise safety risks

There are other circumstances that may lead to accidents:

Driver error is ten times the more probable cause of crashes than any other factors, confirmed by the FMSCA. A truck driver should have the ability to react to potential dangers while on the road.

Truck Equipment Failure include malfunctioning tires or the inability to offer detective\reverse-detection warning devices. The FMSCA demands that each driver and company to conduct a pre-trip inspection as well as regular inspections and maintenance. By inspecting the equipment, mechanical failures

Weather conditions can bring about delivery issues. During bad weather, trucks may encounter some braking problems. Unlike cars, they are not able to stop or quickly steer the trucks. Thus, the failure of the trucks to adapt to local weather and road conditions have contributed to trucking accidents

Improper loading can cause the truck to malfunction. It can result to a truck topping over when it should stay upright. To prevent accidents due to improper loading, the driver must ensure that the load is safely configured or distributed on the trailer.

The improper selection of truck drivers has become a huge concern in the trucking business. At the same time, companies should always ensure that their trucks comply with FMSCA regulations when safely shipping their loads.

Being aware of the potential hazards of driving a truck can make a huge difference in reducing the incidence of accidents in US roads. Safety should always be top priority for companies in the trucking industry.

Creating an Online Platform as a Contractor

Today, there are many online platforms wherein blue collar entrepreneurs can boost their sales, improve their marketability, and track their progress. However, with these innovations, many contractors in the blue collar sector are still skeptical on why they need to make the most out of these online tools. Just because you are doing manual labor doesn’t mean you can’t leverage the power of the Internet to work for you. Here are the many ways on how Internet can help your blue collar business:

Social media improves your marketability

If you think about it, we don’t usually follow a plumber on Twitter, or like his posts on Instagram. So, if someone likes a plumber’s profile page, or follow him on any of his social media account, or had him in his group, he should be very good in what he is doing! When people search the Internet for the best contractor in town, they don’t want sales talk. What they want are first-hand experiences from people who you serviced. And there is no better way to promote your business than by letting someone recommend you for a job well done!

Content is what makes you visible

A person with a leaky roof wants solution, and they want it real fast. By scouring the Internet, he gets to know whom to seek help from. By creating a website with relevant content, you are making your business available for people who are looking for solutions online.

Cloud helps you track everything

According to the website of the CRM platform for contractors from FollowUp Power, technology helps blue collar contractors simplify and streamline their sales process so that no projects will fall through the cracks. This is especially important if you don’t want to miss on anything, from finding profitable projects to bidding right. There are also tracking apps that you can use to measure conversions in your advertisement campaigns. By doing so, you will know which campaigns bring business to your brand, allowing you to spend more on things that really work.

Frequent Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Environmental concerns have caused many Americans to forgo driving their cars and opt for riding their bicycles instead. As noted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA, there has been a significant increase in the number of people opting to ride their bikes to work. In 2002, the number was at around 488,000. By 2012, the number has grown to 786,000. These figures suggest that in the span of 10 years the number of Americans choosing to ride their bikes while commuting to work has increased by 61 percent.

With this increase, it follows that the occurrence of bicycle accidents have also spiked in recent years. The NHTSA also notes that bicycle accidents account for about two percent of all the traffic fatalities noted in the year 2012. While this may seem like a slim portion, bicycle accidents are still among the notable reasons for reported traffic fatalities. This comes as no surprise, considering that cyclists face significant risk when sharing the road with drivers operating vehicles that are much larger and bulkier.

According to the website of The Law Offices of Cazayoux Ewing, bicycle accidents can occur from even the slightest mistakes. Some of the most common traffic errors and violations that lead to accidents between bicycles and cars include drivers who fail to yield to bicycles, distracted driving, drivers who fail to signal when swerving or turning, drivers who are not careful with their vehicle’s blind spots, distracted and reckless driving, as well as drunk driving.

While cyclists can improve their safety by wearing proper gear and following safety protocols, drivers who share the road with them must also be wary of mistakes that can lead to devastating outcomes. The aforementioned examples can easily be avoided if drivers take extra care while behind the wheel. Taking note of the frequent causes of accidents between bicycles and cars can be an important step to preventing such incidents from occurring in the future.

Zofran: Important Facts about the Anti-Nausea Drug

Zofran, also known by its generic name Ondansetron, is one of the most widely-used prescription drugs in the world. As a matter of fact, the World Health Organization even included it in their list of essential medications. The drug’s usefulness owes to the fact that it can help alleviate symptoms of nausea and vomiting for different scenarios.

When it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the year 1999, Zofran was originally intended for patients experiencing nausea and vomiting after undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Soon enough, the drug was used to treat similar symptoms caused by other factors. Today, Zofran is also widely prescribed for gastroenteritis and pregnancy. The medical community refers to this as “off-label use”, referring to the fact that it is being used in scenarios other than what the FDA originally approved it for.

Zofran is particularly effective because it is a serotonin receptor. It works by inhibiting the production of serotonin 5-HT3, which is responsible for triggering areas of the brain responsible for nausea and vomiting. The drug is also highly soluble, making it easy for the body to process and absorb.

While incredibly helpful, Zofran is not without some side-effects. The severity of these side effects will depend on how the patient reacts to the drug. In most cases, it can cause lightheadedness, mild headaches and constipation. Sometimes, it can also cause changes in vision and muscle spasms.

Zofran is also known to cause more adverse side effects, especially for pregnant women. According to the website of the Zofran attorneys of Williams Kherkher, there have been reported cases potentially linking the drug to birth defects. The FDA also released a statement raising a few safety concerns, although researchers have yet to find concrete evidence of a direct correlation.

Considering these concerns, patients should take necessary precautions when taking Zofran. Pregnant women should speak at length with their physicians before considering it to treat their morning sickness.

Whiplash Injuries

One of the most common forms of injuries due to impact accidents is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when an individual’s neck whips back after a quick change in acceleration, causing the stretching and tearing of muscles and tendons in the neck. This type of neck strain is often caused by auto accidents or other vehicular collisions.

Symptoms of whiplash include decreased range of motion, tightness and pain in the neck, and headaches at the base of the skull. According to the website of personal injury lawyers Pohl and Berk, more serious whiplash can also cause muscle spasms, disc damage, and even harm the spinal cord. These side effects can be immediate or take several days to appear. This type of injury often goes untreated due to lack of understanding of the condition. Whiplash injuries that go untreated can cause further physical and psychological damage like anxiety and depression.

While whiplash is not a life threatening injury, it can be costly financially to the injured party. Whiplash injuries may affect an individual’s professional life by requiring time off for recovery, limiting productivity, or causing temporary inability to work.

Minor cases of whiplash can be treated at home. The most common forms of home treatments include icing the affected area to reduce pain and swelling, applying moist heat after 2-3 days of icing, or using a neck brace for a limited time. Prolonged pain or worsening of symptoms might require more intense medical care and a physician should be consulted in such cases.

If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident due to a negligent driver and are now suffering from a whiplash injury, call an attorney in your state to discuss your legal options. You may be able to receive compensation for your physical and emotional pain.

Paxil Troubles Cause for Depression for GSK

Barely has a UK-based drug company emerged from personal injury lawsuits for misrepresentation of their antidepressant medication when it turns out more trouble is brewing.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is the manufacturer of Paxil (paroxetine), an antidepressant of the drug class selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). Approved in 1992 by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of generalized anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and major depression, off-label uses include panic disorder, menopausal vascular symptoms, and posttraumatic stress disorder.

According to the website of law firm Pohl Berk the biggest problems with Paxil for GSK were the ones of their making; they made promises they couldn’t keep. GSK declared that Paxil was non-addictive and safe for children. Paxil is not cleared for pediatric use, but GSK pushed for this even though it was alleged that the company knew full well that Paxil increased the risk of suicidality in teenaged patients. It was also addictive. GSK put up $1 billion to settle lawsuits that came pouring in.

And now it appears that Paxil may also be linked to a higher risk of developing breast cancer because of its estrogenic effect. Cancer researchers from the City of Hope hospital used data from screening commonly-used prescription drugs to identify those which may increase the risk of breast or other cancer. Paxil turned out to be a winner in that particular lottery. Women that were taking Paxil were found to have a higher than usual risk for developing breast cancer, which is ironic because up to a third of all women with breast cancer suffer from depression.

While the study’s findings are indicative rather than definitive, it does establish that Paxil has an adverse influence on the hormone balance in both sexes which should have come out in clinical trials. It is likely that more harmful side effects will come out over the long-term and GSK may just be at the beginning of its Paxil troubles.

How Speakers Work

Devices that produce sound, speakers, are incredibly commonplace. They can be found almost anywhere, from inside cars to intercom systems in buildings, to cell phones. However, speakers are another one of those devices that have been around so long and become so entrenched in everyday life that no one realizes how incredible the mechanisms by which they function happen to be.

A speaker is comprised of a few basic components that work in tandem to produce and amplify sound. These components include an electromagnetic coil that can compress and expand, a standing magnet that remains stagnant, and a conical casing that amplifies the sound.

As an electrical current is run through the coiled electromagnet, it’s polarity shifts is response to the current’s polarity. This causes the coil to be either attracted or repelled from the other magnets in the system. This moves air in the system, creating sound. Music is formed when the frequency of these electrical signals matches the sounds of the song. This means that current running through the speakers is changing numerous times per second. Watch the video for an example of how a speaker makes sound!

Benefits of Hiring an Airport Limousine

For frequent travelers, the commute to and from the airport is often a frustrating experience, especially when traveling on business. It usually takes a long time through heavy traffic, and then there’s the parking to think of when you get there. In more ways than one, hiring an airport limousine service in advance for all your airport transfers makes a lot of practical sense.


Because all you have to do is hop in and relax, you eliminate a considerable amount of stress and able to function better at what you do. You can concentrate on making those last tweaks on your presentation, read up on any new developments, give last-minute instructions to the office, or touch base with the ones back home. You can also simply sit back and recharge. A relaxed and rested mind is often a much sharper one.


Whatever you pay for a top-rate limousine service will come back to you in spades. You won’t have to worry about gasoline, parking fees, or being late for your flight, which can mean additional fees for rebooking not to mention the world of hurt you’ll get into. If you choose well, you will get a reliable and professional transport service, preferably with affiliations in major cities in the US and internationally.  That way, you can book your airport transfers as a package deal, and probably get a special rate. As pointed out in the website of Capital City Limousine, knowing that you have a safe ride to and from the airport at any time is a benefit beyond price.


Limousines are primarily luxury vehicles, although they serve a practical purpose. What better way to travel even just to the airport than to be in a spacious vehicle where you don’t have to drive and you can stretch your legs and relax? It just makes infinite sense.

Student Loan Debt

Just about every American graduate who have paid their tuition through student loans know the problems that come after graduating. According to the American Student Assistance, two in every five student will struggle to pay for their student loans within the first five years of their repayment plans. It’s understandable to feel crushed and scared when you are faced with the financial burden of your student loan debt, but there are ways that you can do to help you handle the concern and quickly turn your life around.

Dealing with student loan debt requires you to be calm and in control of your finances. First thing you need to do is understand how your repayment plan should be based on your monthly budget. Depending on your minimum payment requirements, you should have a realistic repayment plan for your student loan debt in order to slowly pay them. When you are overwhelmed by the amount you have to pay, don’t panic! You can ask to change your repayment plan among the other alternatives that are available. Student loan consolidation can also provide a solution, although it still depends on your debts.

It helps to know your rights and other options when you are unable to pay your student loan debt. Options such as deferment and forbearance can be considered. Deferment is available for those who are unemployed, are in active duty in the military, or are in graduate school and specifies that you are not required to make payments sand will not accumulate any interest. Forbearance, on the other hand, will put you and your lender under an agreement giving you a certain amount of time to not give any payments. This is somewhat a courtesy, and should be agreed upon by both parties.

When you have settled for a repayment plan for your student loan debt, you have to make sure that you stick with it. For too often, many students tend to forget about their repayment plans or don’t keep up with their payments. This often results to higher interests and unnecessary increase in your payments. It may seem hard, but staying positive and knowing that you’ll get through this will eventually pay off. Continuing to pay your student loan debt will eventually ensure that you will have nothing to hinder you in getting what you want in life.

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