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Zofran: Important Facts about the Anti-Nausea Drug

Zofran, also known by its generic name Ondansetron, is one of the most widely-used prescription drugs in the world. As a matter of fact, the World Health Organization even included it in their list of essential medications. The drug’s usefulness owes to the fact that it can help alleviate symptoms of nausea and vomiting for different scenarios.

When it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the year 1999, Zofran was originally intended for patients experiencing nausea and vomiting after undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Soon enough, the drug was used to treat similar symptoms caused by other factors. Today, Zofran is also widely prescribed for gastroenteritis and pregnancy. The medical community refers to this as “off-label use”, referring to the fact that it is being used in scenarios other than what the FDA originally approved it for.

Zofran is particularly effective because it is a serotonin receptor. It works by inhibiting the production of serotonin 5-HT3, which is responsible for triggering areas of the brain responsible for nausea and vomiting. The drug is also highly soluble, making it easy for the body to process and absorb.

While incredibly helpful, Zofran is not without some side-effects. The severity of these side effects will depend on how the patient reacts to the drug. In most cases, it can cause lightheadedness, mild headaches and constipation. Sometimes, it can also cause changes in vision and muscle spasms.

Zofran is also known to cause more adverse side effects, especially for pregnant women. According to the website of the Zofran attorneys of Williams Kherkher, there have been reported cases potentially linking the drug to birth defects. The FDA also released a statement raising a few safety concerns, although researchers have yet to find concrete evidence of a direct correlation.

Considering these concerns, patients should take necessary precautions when taking Zofran. Pregnant women should speak at length with their physicians before considering it to treat their morning sickness.

Whiplash Injuries

One of the most common forms of injuries due to impact accidents is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when an individual’s neck whips back after a quick change in acceleration, causing the stretching and tearing of muscles and tendons in the neck. This type of neck strain is often caused by auto accidents or other vehicular collisions.

Symptoms of whiplash include decreased range of motion, tightness and pain in the neck, and headaches at the base of the skull. According to the website of personal injury lawyers Pohl and Berk, more serious whiplash can also cause muscle spasms, disc damage, and even harm the spinal cord. These side effects can be immediate or take several days to appear. This type of injury often goes untreated due to lack of understanding of the condition. Whiplash injuries that go untreated can cause further physical and psychological damage like anxiety and depression.

While whiplash is not a life threatening injury, it can be costly financially to the injured party. Whiplash injuries may affect an individual’s professional life by requiring time off for recovery, limiting productivity, or causing temporary inability to work.

Minor cases of whiplash can be treated at home. The most common forms of home treatments include icing the affected area to reduce pain and swelling, applying moist heat after 2-3 days of icing, or using a neck brace for a limited time. Prolonged pain or worsening of symptoms might require more intense medical care and a physician should be consulted in such cases.

If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident due to a negligent driver and are now suffering from a whiplash injury, call an attorney in your state to discuss your legal options. You may be able to receive compensation for your physical and emotional pain.

Paxil Troubles Cause for Depression for GSK

Barely has a UK-based drug company emerged from personal injury lawsuits for misrepresentation of their antidepressant medication when it turns out more trouble is brewing.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is the manufacturer of Paxil (paroxetine), an antidepressant of the drug class selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). Approved in 1992 by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of generalized anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and major depression, off-label uses include panic disorder, menopausal vascular symptoms, and posttraumatic stress disorder.

According to the website of law firm Pohl Berk the biggest problems with Paxil for GSK were the ones of their making; they made promises they couldn’t keep. GSK declared that Paxil was non-addictive and safe for children. Paxil is not cleared for pediatric use, but GSK pushed for this even though it was alleged that the company knew full well that Paxil increased the risk of suicidality in teenaged patients. It was also addictive. GSK put up $1 billion to settle lawsuits that came pouring in.

And now it appears that Paxil may also be linked to a higher risk of developing breast cancer because of its estrogenic effect. Cancer researchers from the City of Hope hospital used data from screening commonly-used prescription drugs to identify those which may increase the risk of breast or other cancer. Paxil turned out to be a winner in that particular lottery. Women that were taking Paxil were found to have a higher than usual risk for developing breast cancer, which is ironic because up to a third of all women with breast cancer suffer from depression.

While the study’s findings are indicative rather than definitive, it does establish that Paxil has an adverse influence on the hormone balance in both sexes which should have come out in clinical trials. It is likely that more harmful side effects will come out over the long-term and GSK may just be at the beginning of its Paxil troubles.

How Speakers Work

Devices that produce sound, speakers, are incredibly commonplace. They can be found almost anywhere, from inside cars to intercom systems in buildings, to cell phones. However, speakers are another one of those devices that have been around so long and become so entrenched in everyday life that no one realizes how incredible the mechanisms by which they function happen to be.

A speaker is comprised of a few basic components that work in tandem to produce and amplify sound. These components include an electromagnetic coil that can compress and expand, a standing magnet that remains stagnant, and a conical casing that amplifies the sound.

As an electrical current is run through the coiled electromagnet, it’s polarity shifts is response to the current’s polarity. This causes the coil to be either attracted or repelled from the other magnets in the system. This moves air in the system, creating sound. Music is formed when the frequency of these electrical signals matches the sounds of the song. This means that current running through the speakers is changing numerous times per second. Watch the video for an example of how a speaker makes sound!

Benefits of Hiring an Airport Limousine

For frequent travelers, the commute to and from the airport is often a frustrating experience, especially when traveling on business. It usually takes a long time through heavy traffic, and then there’s the parking to think of when you get there. In more ways than one, hiring an airport limousine service in advance for all your airport transfers makes a lot of practical sense.


Because all you have to do is hop in and relax, you eliminate a considerable amount of stress and able to function better at what you do. You can concentrate on making those last tweaks on your presentation, read up on any new developments, give last-minute instructions to the office, or touch base with the ones back home. You can also simply sit back and recharge. A relaxed and rested mind is often a much sharper one.


Whatever you pay for a top-rate limousine service will come back to you in spades. You won’t have to worry about gasoline, parking fees, or being late for your flight, which can mean additional fees for rebooking not to mention the world of hurt you’ll get into. If you choose well, you will get a reliable and professional transport service, preferably with affiliations in major cities in the US and internationally.  That way, you can book your airport transfers as a package deal, and probably get a special rate. As pointed out in the website of Capital City Limousine, knowing that you have a safe ride to and from the airport at any time is a benefit beyond price.


Limousines are primarily luxury vehicles, although they serve a practical purpose. What better way to travel even just to the airport than to be in a spacious vehicle where you don’t have to drive and you can stretch your legs and relax? It just makes infinite sense.

Student Loan Debt

Just about every American graduate who have paid their tuition through student loans know the problems that come after graduating. According to the American Student Assistance, two in every five student will struggle to pay for their student loans within the first five years of their repayment plans. It’s understandable to feel crushed and scared when you are faced with the financial burden of your student loan debt, but there are ways that you can do to help you handle the concern and quickly turn your life around.

Dealing with student loan debt requires you to be calm and in control of your finances. First thing you need to do is understand how your repayment plan should be based on your monthly budget. Depending on your minimum payment requirements, you should have a realistic repayment plan for your student loan debt in order to slowly pay them. When you are overwhelmed by the amount you have to pay, don’t panic! You can ask to change your repayment plan among the other alternatives that are available. Student loan consolidation can also provide a solution, although it still depends on your debts.

It helps to know your rights and other options when you are unable to pay your student loan debt. Options such as deferment and forbearance can be considered. Deferment is available for those who are unemployed, are in active duty in the military, or are in graduate school and specifies that you are not required to make payments sand will not accumulate any interest. Forbearance, on the other hand, will put you and your lender under an agreement giving you a certain amount of time to not give any payments. This is somewhat a courtesy, and should be agreed upon by both parties.

When you have settled for a repayment plan for your student loan debt, you have to make sure that you stick with it. For too often, many students tend to forget about their repayment plans or don’t keep up with their payments. This often results to higher interests and unnecessary increase in your payments. It may seem hard, but staying positive and knowing that you’ll get through this will eventually pay off. Continuing to pay your student loan debt will eventually ensure that you will have nothing to hinder you in getting what you want in life.

The Effects of Insurance Bad Faith

In just about every jurisdiction in the United States, insurance companies have a duty of good faith and fair dealing with their insured clients. The “implied covenant of good faith” is an automatic duty that will occur once the insurance company comes into an agreement with a client. When this duty is not provided or when the insurance company makes unfair judgments that is not in accordance to the agreed upon contract with the client, the client can file an insurance bad faith claim against the company.

Insurance bad faith is the legal term for a tort claim an insurance client filed against their insurance company for the insurance company’s bad or unfair acts. Aside from this, the insurance client, also known as the policyholder, can sue the company for breach of contract. There are basically two types of insurance bad faith claims that a policyholder can file, all depending on the circumstances that the bad faith was made. First party insurance claims are the ones where the insurance company performs an improper investigation, evaluation, and estimate about a policyholders damaged property or their denial in acknowledging the policyholders claim.

Third party insurance claims, also known as liability insurance, is when the insurance company fails to improperly denying to defend a lawsuit or poorly denying to pay for a judgment or settlement of a covered lawsuit. Insurance bad faith can be a changeable concept and can depend on the court decisions in accordance to case law. There are states where punitive damages are given to further motivate insurers to behave in good faith towards their policyholders.

All insurance companies have rejected insurance claims filed against them, simply because there are reasons why they do so. There are times where the policyholder is not covered for the claim they are asking for, and sometimes there are instances of honest and accidental mistakes. However, there are cases where insurers blatantly deny their policyholder’s claims without proper reasons. When this happens, it will be considered insurance bad faith and would give the policyholder the right to sue for compensation.

What Makes a DWI Offense?

When it comes to drunk driving laws, there are certain differences in each state. Oregon has its own set of laws regarding drunk driving and their penalties when caught and charged. Being pulled over after a night of drinking can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time. Being charged with driving while intoxicated, or DWI, may require some legal help.

Laws regarding drunk driving depends on the blood alcohol level (BAC) that you have when you are caught. The BAC will be used determine whether or not you are fit enough to drive a vehicle, as it has become the standard measurement for intoxication levels. Your body type, amount or type of drink you had, and even you gender can affect your BAC levels. The amount of time since your began and finished drinking is also a factor. According to the internet site of Ian Inglis, there are certain BAC factors to consider, such as:

  • Those who are charged with DUI that are over the age of 21 should have BAC levels of .08% or more
  • Commercial drivers caught with DUI should have BAC levels of .04%
  • Anyone younger than 21 years old and have any detectable amount of alcohol in their system is automatically charged with DUI.

These circumstances can decide if you can be charged with DUI or not. Depending on your case, your DUI lawyer will have to tailor your drunk driving defense in a way that prevents sanctions or lowers your penalties. What you need to understand is that having the right San Jose criminal defense lawyer can increase your chances of lowering your DUI costs or charges, and possibly preventing a DUI conviction. The government takes drunk driving offenses seriously, and it has one of the heaviest fines and most severe penalties. You need to do whatever it takes to have a strong drunk driving defense in order to protect your money, your driver’s license, and your freedom.

Aside from drunk driving charges, there are other alcohol-related charges connected to your vehicle. Oregon laws and penalties for DUII charges depend on things like license type, age, and other circumstances like passengers inside the vehicle, type of vehicle, and the severity of the accident. Other states have similar laws, especially those that make the crime more severe if children are in the car.

Cruise Ship Injuries

When you are injured during a cruise, it may be difficult to determine who to sue and how you can get compensation for all the damages or injury that you have suffered. Maritime laws can be more complicated than those on land, which is why many cruise ship accidents often take time to settle. Being injured in a cruise could require you to have the legal help of a lawyer who specializes in maritime law in order to have all your rights covered and protected.

When it comes to personal injuries, even of cruise ship accidents, it is vital to first figure out who is at fault for the accident. If your own recklessness is the cause of the injuries you have suffered, then you may not have a case against the cruise ship company or other people who may be involved. When the accident is due to negligence on the part of the cruise line, then you have the right to sue the management.

When you are injured on a cruise ship, it is usually the fault of the cruise line, but there are instances where other companies are involved. For instance, excursion companies that handle the passengers when they go on shore can also be held liable. When you and your lawyer believe you have a legitimate claim for being injured in a cruise, you have the option of asking for a settlement with the cruise ship or going to court. This is why it is important to have a cruise ship injury lawyer, because they will advise you about certain advantages and disadvantages of settling your personal injury claim or going to court for a trial. There are pros and cons on each option, and you have to make sure that your rights are properly fought and protected during the whole process. It help to research about other possible compensation claims that you can get, since dealing with cruise ship accidents on foreign jurisdictions can be complicated.

Defensive Driving vs Distracted Driving

Car accidents in America has reached an all-time high, with thousands of people seriously injured or dead every year and costing the government millions of dollars. A lot of advocacies have been provided by the government, along with various types of car safety features to help prevent serious injuries and accidents, but they can only do so much. What really helps in preventing car accidents is being a defensive driver. But what does defensive driving actually mean?

Defensive driving is considered to be cautious and reasonable driving, aiming to make the road safe not only for you but also for other motorists on the road. It is basically driving your vehicle in a way that uses strategies for safe driving that would allow you to deal with possible road hazards in a certain aspect. These behaviors are more than what is required from the basic traffic laws and regulations. There are many driving schools that can teach drivers how to lower chances of having an auto accident by understanding what the possible risks are while on the road, and how they should approach the situation with well-informed judgment. An auto accident can easily be prevented if the driver knows how to handle different situations while being at the wheel, such as the challenges of bad weather, poor road conditions, and even reckless drivers.

Those who are usually injured in a car accident are typically the ones who are not focused on their driving – statistics show that distracted driving is the leading cause of car accidents in America. Staying focused and alert is essential in driving because you only have seconds to decide how to avoid a dangerous situation and deal with it. According to the website of the personal injury law firm of Seegmiller in Riverside County, being distracted or not attentive will lower your reaction time, potentially putting you in danger of being injured in a car accident that you may not even see coming. Maintain a safe distance from other drivers, and keep in mind that you may control your driving, but not how others people are driving. Do not be dependent on other motorist and err on the safe side. It’s often safe to assume that other drivers will make boneheaded mistakes, so watching out for possible collisions is important on the road. Aside from using the most basic safety rules and regulations that the laws require, you can prevent being injured in a car accident by practicing the skills of defensive driving.

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